Benefits of Sunlight A Bright Spot for Human Health

Benefits of Sunlight A Bright Spot for Human Health

Benefits of sunlight

Sunlight is beneficial for lack of sleep, joint pain

Sunlight is important for every living thing on the earth because the sun is the most important source of vitamin D. Vitamin D mainly acts to absorb calcium. If you do not have vitamin D in your body, then calcium will not stop, no matter how much calcium is consumed. Vitamin D along with our body also keeps our immune system strong. Vitamin D deficiency doubles the risk of serious diseases like diabetes, osteoporosis, heart disease, cancer. In the absence of the sun, a layer of harmful substances accumulates on the skin, which can cause many diseases in the body. That is why it is very important for the body to consume sunlight regularly. Now the cold weather has started, you can avoid or overcome many health problems by taking sunlight.

 The problem of sleeplessness is reduced by taking regular sunlight daily because sunlight has a direct effect on our pineal gland. This gland works in the body to make a hormone called melatonin (Hormone). This anti-oxidant melatonin removes the problem of our sleeplessness.

Muscles –
People who have joint pain and bone problems, they should sit in the sun at least half an hour (½ h) in the morning. Taking sunlight for a while in the morning makes the muscles of the body strong, which gives relief in pain, the elderly can sit in the afternoon.
Depression –
                                If a person is suffering from mental stress or depression, then sunshine is no less than a panacea for his problem. Mental stress is reduced by sunlight or walking in the warm sun while the sun is out.


If there is any fungal infection in the body, then one must sit in the sun because it cures the bacterial infection, which is why sunshine helps in getting rid of many skin related problems.

Cold and cough
Sitting in the sun for a while regularly on a daily basis produces a sufficient amount of white blood cells (WBC) in the body, which works to fight the pathogens. People who often have problems with cold and cold, they benefit from sitting in the sun.

Every day after bathing in the sun and rubbing mustard oil on the body, I not only soften the skin but also the problem of scabies itching in the body. If there is already a problem of scabies itching, then after every day bathing incense, it gets rid of all types of itching.
According to research, blood pressure (blood pressure) can be normalized by sitting for some time in the sun, which reduces the risk of heart-related diseases. Vitamin D also helps to keep the heart-healthy.

What time and how long did you sit in the sun?

  • In winter, it is beneficial to sunbathe till 12:00 am (in the morning sunlight can be eaten till 10:00 am). 3:00 to 5:00 pm sunshine in the wintertime can also be quite beneficial. The elderly may want to sunbathe in the afternoon because getting out in the morning too much can cause cold cough and many other problems. However, if the sun is screaming and burning the body, it should not last long, because there are ultra-violet rays in the afternoon sun. Sunlight can harm your health rather than ultraviolet rays.
  • If you want to take full advantage of the sun, then spend at least half an hour in the sun every day. This much time is enough to stay healthy. Soaking incense after bathing is more beneficial for the body.

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Jai Hind Vande Mataram